The University of Texas IT Leadership Council (ITLC) is a group of IT leaders and directors from academic, administrative, and central IT units.  Its mission is to develop and recommend vision and strategic plans that efficiently and effectively align IT projects and services  for optimal impact on the teaching, research, and public service mission of the University. 

The ITLC works with its executive sponsors (the Provost and CFO), the Business and Administrative IT Leadership Council (BAITLC), and other campus leaders to recommend IT strategies and the resources needed to execute them. While it focuses on effectively stewarding campus resources, the ITLC does not itself authorize or allocate central resources for campus efforts.

To decide which issues to tackle, ITLC leaders and members review numerous sources of input.  These include, for example, the 2017 Central IT Executive Commission (CITEC) report summarizing the state of IT at UT and internal data collection (see here and here). New topics emerge from ongoing needs assessment, agenda committee submissions, ITLC discussion and committee activity, and community engagement.  For a sampling of work and accomplishments see here and here.

The ITLC is committed to effectively communicating how it works, what it does, and how to engage. This web site includes ITLC by-laws, pages for active committees and working groups, and documents that detail work in progress as well as final recommendations and a sampling of accomplishments.  

To learn more or get involved, please reach out to any ITLC member. For specific topics, contact the appropriate committee chair - Continuous Improvement, Endpoint Management, IT Recruitment and Talent Management, Networking, or Security.  To share your thoughts on any topic visit the Share Your Ideas page or email us.

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