• Led highly collaborative effort to adopt and implement centrally managed campus-wide Endpoint Management solutions providing computer management, automated logging and patching, robust security and increased resistance to cyber-attacks for tens of thousands of computers and other endpoint devices
  • Supported Next Generation Network (NGN) program development including scoping and budget proposals for Wi-Fi expansion, resolution of security audit findings, and other foundational network improvements
  • Adopted widely and continued improvements to ServiceNow incident management platform
  • Engaged with IT Computer Procurement cost reduction via warranty standardization 
  • Endorsed and engaged with UT Mail storage reduction project
  • Adopted Microsoft Teams for ITLC business
  • Reviewed rate changes for central IT services
  • Endorsed retirement of underutilized central services
  • Recruited new cohort of future leaders into the ITLC 
  • Provided direction for Server management platform project
  • Continued improvements to campus ISORA (risk assessment) processes


  • Led IT-related COVID-19 coordination and support building on pre-COVID planning for online teaching
  • Endorsed and started contributions to the Next Generation Network modernization project
  • Endorsed Audit and C-13/C-14 statement
  • Endorsed Endpoint Management Centralization proposal
  • Endorsed CITEC unimplemented Recommendations
  • Recommended new approach to ServiceNow and endorsed it as campus incident management platform
  • Created 12 standing committees and working groups to address long-term and immediate issues 
  • Sponsored campus-wide Gartner license
  • Established forum for IT constituents campus-wide to discuss and address IT needs on campus
  • Endorsed and supported Campus-impacting IT changes
  • Supported Box storage agreement providing five years of centrally funded capacity increase
  • Endorsed move to AWS Enterprise Support
  • Formed IT Recruitment and Talent Management committee, to support UT President’s Strategic Plan