Message From Our Executive Sponsors

Information technology (IT) at UT has been woven into everything that happens at UT: from the president’s office to the dorm room; from the payroll office to the laboratory; from the classroom to the conference room; and from the purchasing office to the football stadium.  IT is an essential enabler of the University’s Mission.  

The Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) includes professional IT leaders and staff from Colleges across campus in addition to representatives of major IT service providers at UT.  ITLC will work in partnership with the Business and Administrative IT Leadership Council (BAITLC) to promote and participate in collaborative decision making as it pertains to IT at UT and to assist in the design and implementation of essential IT strategies that will help move the University forward.   

We support the ITLC’s work to build on and enrich previous technology contributions as well as to explore and implement new and emerging technology. 

Sharon Wood
Executive Vice President and Provost

Daniel Slesnick
Interim Vice President and Chief Financial Officer