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Endpoint Management


The Endpoint Management Committee shall evaluate and make recommendations regarding the tools, practices and methods the university uses   to detect, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot its endpoint devices.


  • Development of a framework for evaluation of recommended tools and solutions.
  • Development of recommended solutions and best practices for on-and off-campus management of end-user devices (macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), including:
    • System Hardening
    • Vulnerability Management and Patching
    • Change Management for Systems Configuration
    • Remote Access
    • Configuration Management
    • OS and Application Deployment
    • Device Inventory
    • Malware Protection
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Backup
  • Development of standard campus-wide methods for reporting on end user devices, particularly from common platforms including SCCM, JAMF, Ivanti, Nessus and CiscoAMP.
  • Review and/or develop support and funding models for widely adopted endpoint management tools, including JAMF, SCCM, Bomgar, Apple School Manager,SCCM, CiscoAMP and Crashplan.
  • Establishment of ‘Community of Practice’ endpoint management technical advisory group.


James Lewis Director of LAITS Computer Support College of Liberal Arts
Roy Ruiz Director of Technology Resources Technology Resources

Endpoint Management Committee Members

James Coombes McCombs Computer Services Director - Server, Tech Support, Lab Operations     Red McCombs School of Business
Melissa Medina-Razzaque Senior Information Technology Manager College of Natural Sciences
Chris Owan Senior Information Technology Manager     ITS Campus Solutions
Star Salzman Deputy Information Security Officer Information Security Office
Nathan Selman Senior Systems Administrator Cockrell School of Engineering
Charles Soto Director  Moody College of Communication
Joe Trent Director Department of Computer Science

Technical Advisory Group

Elyes Benhamou Senior Systems Administrator Red McCombs School of Business
Ben Catchings Senior Systems Manager College of Liberal Arts
Alex Cruz Director Intercollegiate Athletics
James Cutrone Systems Administrator Education
Matthew Davidson Information Technology Manager Information Technology Manager
Matthew Jenkins Systems Administrator Technology Resources
Todd Mote Principal Systems Administrator ITS Campus Solutions