Continuous Improvement


The Continuous Improvement Committee shall evaluate and make recommendations for the refinement and improvement of all IT Leadership Council (ITLC) processes.


  • Make recommendations for process improvements.
  • Discuss with ITLC members: the efficacy, efficiency, transparency, and usability of ITLC processes: e.g. meeting, main and Consent Agenda workflows, and IOC vetting, workflows, and resolution.
  • Close observation of and participation in Council activities.
  • Training of ITLC membership on ITLC processes, best practices, and culture.
  • Conflict resolution within ITLC.
  • Delivery of Continuous Improvement Monitoring Report and General Recommendations for Improvement at Annual Closing Meeting each May.


The Continuous Improvement Committee is chaired by the Vice Chair of ITLC, and includes the ITLC Secretary and an additional ITLC member invited by the chair.

Continuous Improvement Committee Officer

Brad JohnstonInformation Technology DirectorCollege of Fine

Continuous Improvement Committee Members

Tim FacklerDirector of Instructional TechnologyCollege of Liberal

Meeting Schedule

2-4 times per year as needed

Documents and Minutes