Storage Strategy Working Group


This working group was established by the ITLC in response to an abrupt change in license renewal options from our current cloud storage provider (Box). Faced with licensing fees of approximately $1.3M, the ITLC sought to form this working group to establish both a storage strategy for campus as well as an exit strategy for the current cloud storage provider.


  • In Scope
    • Determining current campus storage strategy (if any for both on and off campus storage) and developing a forward thinking, long term strategy
    • Exit strategy plan for current cloud storage provider
    • Understanding utilization and costs of current storage options for campus
      • Out of Scope
        • Databases
        • Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS)
        • Backup solutions (e.g. Crashplan)


Storage Strategy Officers

Bob Gloyd Director of Information Technology Cockrell School of Engineering
Charles Soto Director Moody College of Communication

Storage Strategy Members

Joseph Trent Director Department of Computer Science
James Lewis Director of LAITS Computer Support College of Liberal Arts
Sam Burns Senior IT Manager School of Information
Phillip Jaeger Network Engineer Intercollegiate Athletics
Roy Ruiz Director Financial and Administrative Services
Leslie Rodriguez Associate Director of Information Technology Office of Strategy and Policy

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Documents and Minutes

Storage Strategy Working Group Charter