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Microsoft Office 365 A5 Working Group


    This working group will build Campus collaboration to make full and effective use of the latest A5 application licensing from Microsoft. The overarching goal of the group is to align the deployment of Office 365/A5 offerings with the business needs of the Campus taking full account of the infrastructure requirements and costs this licensing entails.


    The group's work will focus on student access to the suite of Office 365/A5 tools. The group will first work on enabling access for tools already part of the A5 set.  The group will also keep abreast of changes and additions to this toolset.


    Microsoft 365 (A5) Officer

    Bob Gloyd Director of Information Technology Cockrell School of Engineering
    David Moss Senior Information Technology Manager Information Technology Services

    Microsoft 365 (A5) Members

    Kamran Ziai Director of Instructional Technology and Design Dell Medical School