Central Services Review


To advance the mission of the University of Texas, provide life cycle guidance for modifications to IT services that are available to everyone (campus-wide IT service) but are not covered by other Governance groups or committees.

Scope shall include any existing or future campus-wide IT services.

Roles and Scope

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing centrally provided services consistently
    • Develop a rubric which could be used to evaluate the state of existing services.
    • Review and make recommendations to ITLC on  centrally provided services as to whether those services should be Fee for Service or Centrally funded
    • Recommend retirement of centrally provided services and give input on the alternative options, retirement time frames, communications plans, and approaches
    • Document and present recommendations to the ITLC for approval
    • Assist ITLC in preparing any documentation or reports required for executive leadership
  • Review proposed consolidations, sunsets and integrations, as appropriate


Staggered 1 or 2 -year terms. Chair must be ITLC member.

Trice Humpert – Chair - 1 year term
Bob Gloyd – Co Chair - 2 year term
Charles Soto – 1 year term
Melissa Medina-Razzaque – 2 year term
Roy Ruiz – 1 year Term
Chris Carter – 2 year term

Members are expected to be from the IT community and be broadly representative. Members selected by chair and vice chair.

We will meet quarterly, with additional meetings if needed.  We should bring all items that will have a financial impact to campus units to the October ITLC meeting prior to the fiscal year the financial impacts will occur.

Additional administrative (non-voting) support will be provided by Jen Andress

Central Services Review Committee Officers

Trice Humpert Assistant Vice President and Director Financial and Administrative Services thumpert@austin.utexas.edu
Bob Gloyd Director Cockrell School of Engineering bobgloyd@utexas.edu

Central Services Review Committee Members

Charles Soto Director Moody College of Communication charles.soto@austin.utexas.edu  
Melissa Medina-Razzaque Senior Information Technology Manager College of Natural Sciences melirazzaque@austin.utexas.edu  
Roy Ruiz Director Financial and Administrative Services roy.ruiz@austin.utexas.edu  
Chris Carter Director of Organizational Effectiveness UT Libraries ccarter@austin.utexas.edu  

Meeting Schedule


Documents and Minutes